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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where does the Natural Governing Party of Canada stand?

If you’re a Liberal supporter in Canada it is starting to feel like the “End of Days”. Polls show that the Liberals are currently in a tailspin. Canadians have little faith in Stéphane Dion’s leadership skills, the NDP and the Green Party are polling higher than the Liberals in B.C., and party infrastructure in Quebec is in disarray. Across the country, former Liberal voters are shopping for new parties.

Since the election began, media outlets have chastised the Liberal campaign as weak, confounding, and ineffective. This week the tone is harsher. Today, the Globe and Mail posted a story called “Liberals Shift Focus to Live Another Day.”

“Not one, not a single serious Liberal is talking about Stéphane Dion becoming Prime Minister,” responded one Liberal supporter quoted in the article. “This is not about beating Harper as PM. This is about living for another day.”

So where does the natural governing party of Canada stand?

The Liberals are going to lose this election, badly. The results probably won’t be as bad as in 1984, when the Turner Liberals were reduced to 40 seats, but the results won’t be pretty.

The greatest weakness facing the Liberals this election is their leader. By all accounts, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have run a terrible campaign of blunders. But, the Liberals haven’t been able capitalize on these blunders because of Dion. While Canadians aren’t particularly fond of Harper, they have more faith in him than Dion.

But, this doesn’t mean the Liberals are done for. Many Canadians still consider themselves small-l liberals with a hint of small-c fiscal conservatism. The Liberal Party will rise again, but Dion will have to go.