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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama Recovery Across the Board

The latest polls from Pollster.com indicate that Obama is back to his pre RNC convention support. The polls, which are a composite of over a dozen national and statewide polls, show increased Obama support across the board, in blue, toss-up, and even red states. Blue states have moved from “lean Obama” to “strong Obama” and many toss-up states are shifting towards “lean Obama”. Although Obama recovered a great deal of support in some of the redder states, these states are still “strong McCain.”

These results are most likely due to two factors. First, the stock market downturn and subsequent economic problems are largely blamed on the Bush administration, thus further tarnishing the Republican brand. Second, Sarah Palin’s post convention support also seems to have diminished in light of reports concerning her qualifications and less-than reformist background.