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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Harper Manages to get Creepier

Well, it’s official now. Emerging from Rideau Hall, the official residence of Governor General Michelle Jean, Prime Minister Stephen Harper confirmed the dissolution of Parliament and an October 14th election date. Harper defended decision to call an election on the grounds that Parliament has become dysfunctional and unable to govern.

Already in full swing, the Conservative Party of Canada released several television ads designed to show the “softer” side of Stephen Harper. Though, Harper’s advisors seem to believe that he would look “softer” to Canadians if he greater resembled Mr. Rogers. Unfortunately, this look is just a tad too creepy.

In terms of policy content, these ads are empty. (I am not quite sure what a son getting older has to do with Canada, or why any Canadian should care.)

What these ads make clear is that the Conservatives are running their campaign on Harper’s personality. Their goal: to paint Stephen Harper as an effective and caring leader, whilst denouncing Stephanie Dion as an incompetent carbon tax-loving fool. This strategy looks like it will be effective. Enough Canadians seem satisfied with the course the country is taking and wary of Dion's abilities. Though perhaps not satisfied enough to bump Harper into majority territory.