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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Canadian Election Advertising

You can always tell when something is produced in Canada, whether it’s a television show, a movie, or even a political advertisement. There is that unmistakable sense that it was produced on a shoestring budget. The Canadian election ads this season are no different.

Watch this Conservative attack ad called Dion’s “Scratch'N Lose”. Like most of the Conservative attack ads, this one makes light of Dion’s English and displays the famous image of Dion shrugging. The ad also looks and sounds like it was made with Microsoft Movie Maker on a $6 budget.

The Liberal ads are only slightly better. The ads on the “Meet Dion” website are beyond hokey. The footage of Dion playing floor hockey and posing with his team looks incredibly forced. The Liberal Party’s Green Shift television ads are much better. Though the message is somewhat confused, the ads at least look professional.

The only party with a decent advertisement is the NDP. Their ad, “A New Kind of Strong,” has a clean message and slick production values. But, even this ad isn’t perfect. At the end of the ad, the female narrator says, “We need a new strong.” To which Layton replies, “The new strong is about fighting for you.”

The “New Strong”? Ugh. Besides sounding grammatically incorrect, it also sounds downright stupid.

American election ads sometimes have the opposite problem of their Canadian counterparts; too much polish. Many ads often end up looking more like movie trailers for some cheesy teenybopper horror flick.


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