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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Hulu for the rest of us

Hulu is a smart idea. Tap into the growing demand for streamed media by providing legitimate high quality videos. The only questions are why is Hulu only available for U.S. users and why has it taken so long? Something like Hulu should have emerged years ago.

The television, music, and movie industries are struggling against internet piracy. While certain outlets, like the Comedy Network, have made some inroads in catering to the online demand for mass media, the response on whole has been sluggish and rather pathetic. If the major media outlets want to survive the current transition, they need to learn to take more risks on the internet. Streamed media could be highly lucrative if managed properly. However, it seems that many of the major media outlets are too concerned with trying to work through old models to regain lost market share.

Hulu was an innovation when it first came out. A little late, but still an innovation. Apparently, Hulu is planning to make its content available to international users. However, it will still take a long time for Hulu to work through geographic content issues. In the meantime users will have to continue to rely on programs like HotSpot Shield if they want to watch videos outside the U.S.