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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band Compatibility

On October 26, 2008 the much famed Guitar Hero World Tour launches. This time around, Activision, the publishers of Guitar Hero have decided to copy Rock Band outright. Like Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour will come with a drum kit and microphone in addition to a guitar.

Guitar Hero’s entry into the world of basement bands will cost $189. Comparatively, Rock Band costs $169. Rock Band 2, comes out late 2008 and will cost approximately the same as World Tour. The instruments for both games will be compatible with one another so if you already own Rock Band you can use the same instruments for Guitar Hero, and vice versa.

Even the Rock Band drum kit that has only four input pads (the World Tour kit has five) will be compatible. This is a rather smart move by Activision. The people who already own Rock Band would be less likely to invest in Guitar Hero if they knew that they had to buy all new instruments.

After the recent squabbling between Activision and Harmonix over compatibility, this move is somewhat of a surprise. In December, Activision even squashed a potential patch to allow the Rock Band guitar to work for Guitar Hero III.

The compatibility between instruments will be present across all the platforms.