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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

From Respectable to Sleaze

The McCain campaign has finally started to show its teeth this election. The McCain campaign’s recent decision to attack Obama’s celebrity reeks of desperation and sleaze. What happened to the McCain who challenged the Bush tax cuts and brought an air of respectability to the Republican Party? It seems that McCain has decided that the only way to win this election is to tow what has been the Republican strategy of the last eight years. The once thoughtful and respectable McCain has become a cardboard cutout, devoid of depth.

By adopting the typical Republican strategy of painting Democrats as aloof liberal elitists, McCain has backed himself into a corner. While the latest ads comparing Obama to Paris Hilton and Charlton Heston’s Moses have proven successful. The media has driven their success. A recent article of Time Magazine claims that this is “a whole new McCain” who has started “throwing [the] heat,” with a “hardball strategy.” However, polls have not yet indicated how the American public has perceived these ads. While the increased attention may help McCain in the polls, it seems that his message has been lost along the way.

In a season where most voters seems to be upset with the current Republican administration it makes sense that McCain could make the most impact as maverick; a republican outsider ready to reinvigorate the party. However, McCain’s strategy is straight out of Karl Rove’s textbook. Support the typical republican causes and turn the other guy into an out of touch east coast liberal.